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Hiking Guide

São Nicolau - Cabo Verde
Overview of trails

Pitt Reitmaier, Lucete Fortes

Legend - Hiking guide texts - by
Selada Silvao Santo Antao Cabo Verde
... the making of ... hiking maps and guides of the Cape Verde Islands
Walking time 2 hours
Trail 1-2
Navigation 2

Pure walking time
without breaks
for well-trained hikers with a small daypack.

After a few hikes, you can can estimate your personal walking times and by multiplying the walking time with a personal correction factor.

Quality of the trail
1 excellent
2 good
3 satisfactory
4 difficult
5 very difficult

only with a locally experienced mountain guide.

The fist value describes the avarage qualtiy, the second one the most difficult part.
1 self-explanatory
2 simple
3 satisfactory

attention required
4 difficult
permanent attention, skills and experience required
5 very difficult
only with a locally experienced mountain guide.

Arrows point the direction to take
"↑ " like on a magnetic compass
North-West ↖   ↗ North-East
West ←   → East  
South-West ↙   ↘ South-East
Sehr praktischer Kompaß am Uhrarmband
Compass and Watch
reliable basis of Navigation

Cardinal directions are anambiguously and intuitively compared with what is found on the map. Arrows are a widely used symbol on GPS receivers and programms.

"Right" und "Left" in Geography
is used only for Rivers and Valleys.
If you look at the flowing water, then is self-explanatory, where the "right bank", or the "left side of the valley" is.

GPS Waypoints
in the maps and texts are put in brackets: [GORDO] (1312m) frequently with an altitude information in round brackets.

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