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Weg 104
Cabeçalinho - Campino Sul - Vila da RŠ Brava
In their Sunday dresses with their great-grandmother in Cabeçalinho
Walking Time 1 h
Trail 4
Navigation 2
The descent along this path
has the advantage of a postcard view that is even better than the one on the caminho de Palso (103), but it also has the disadvantage of being a bad mountain path. The typical vegetation is rich in grasses and flowers. One ends at the chapel of Campinho.
contra bruxa
Starting point
is the curve of the main road through Cabeçalin between Alto António Miguel and Morro Cone Rocha. CABE10] (600m) You don't follow any of the larger paths, but a small path ↑ that climbs to a notch at the top of the hill. [CAMP03] (644m) After about 200m of descent ↖ you come to a fork [CAMP02] where you choose the steeper descending branch ↗ downhill in serpentines, the path reaches the first houses and goes on to the Campinho Sul chapel, visible from afar, right by the road. [CAMP02].

Starting point in opposite direction
is the portal of the chapel of Campinho Sul. [CAMP02] The path begins paved ↓ , then circles → ↓ around some houses [CAMP01] and continues in an ascending, increasingly worse path.

Connecting hikes
105 or 106 to Vila da RŠ Brava

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