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Weg 109
Queimadas - Vila da RŠ Brava
Qeimadas de Cima - Terra Quebrada
Qeimadas de Cima - Terra Quebrada
Walking Time 2 h
Trail 2-3
Navigation 2
Pipin' de Rato Pipin' de Rato in Queimadas

The valley of Queimadas
breathes the history of the island and gives a good impression of the cultural landscape. In the lower part, between the irrigated sugar cane terraces, there are sugar cane presses operated by oxen and copper boilers for distilling rum. Inham, mango and breadfruit trees grow at the bottom of the valley. On the way through the ancient settlements of Queimadas de Cima, you can reach Todj through dry farming with maize, potatoes and sweet potatoes and through the meadows used as pastures over the pass and down into the valley of the Rª Brava.
Starting point
is the chapel of Queimadas [QUEIM9] (110m) (shop, phone). A few meters downhill ↓ the road divides. [QUEIMA] The ↓ slightly uphill branch crosses a small ridge, then reaches the bottom of the valley and turns into the steeply ascending paved mule track. [QUEI11] (130m) After 100m steep ascent, at the entrance to the village [QUEI12] follow the larger ascending path ← and circle around the village until above the village [QUEI13] you meet a crossing ↘ path that continues uphill to Terra Quebrada [QUEI15] (320m).
After a last ascent ↓ you reach the pass [QUEI16] (448 m) and enjoy a beautiful view of the valley of the Rª Brava and Monte Gordo. After a small traverse steadily downhill ↘ we meet the houses of Lombo Branco, from where we descend not directly in the fall line but through a hollow path → up to the street at Todj'. [TODJ] (215m) (shop, phone)
Going downhill on the road ↘ it is only 1 km to Vila da Ribeira Brava.

Starting point in opposite direction
is the water house at Rua Amilcar Cabral, at the end of Vila Rª Brava towards Água das Patas. [VILA03] (105m)
Following the road for 1 km you reach the shop in Todj'[TODJ] (215m), from where an extremely steep paved path climbs up ↖ between rounded house edges.

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