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Lucete Fortes

Weg 201
Cachaço - Monte Gordo
Monte Gordo
Walking Time 2.30 h
Trail 1-4
Navigation 2
Monte Gordo Monte Gordo from Hortalã
At 1312 metres high
, Monte Gordo lifts its head quite reliably over the trade wind clouds to guarantee a magnificent view that reaches as far as São Vicente, Santo Antão and sometimes as far as Pico d'Antónia on Santiago and Pico de Fogo. Initially, the paved forest road leads through the most beautiful forest on the island.
Later it goes on a steep path through Tortoi to the exposed hilltop with several antenna installations. While Monte Gordo seems completely harmless in calm weather, it can demand some respect when icy winds try to push you off the path.
summits in the west Monte Gordo from Hortalã

It is recommended to take sufficient water reserves and complete equipment with you and to be prepared for the clouds to move in within seconds.

The route is identical to route 202 and described there.

building an antenna djungle building an antenna djungle

Junction point
is the doline-like depression caldeirinha on road 202. After another 100m ← you come to the junction of two roads from the road [GORD05] (1048m). Here we turn in the right angle ↓ into the forest and immediately climb steeply on the slope covered with trees and Tortoi. At the next mountain flu an impressive view of Hortelã, Tarrafal and the southern peninsula opens up. The path leads along the rib to the plateau that forms the summit. [GORDO] (1312m).

The summit is the only one in Cabo Verde from where you can see all the islands. The view to the west shows the group of three peaks of Tope Moca, Tope Matin and Topona especially pretty. To the east and south the ridges of the peninsulas are visible.

As the local mountain of the island, it carries various antennas. In a country without a helicopter, cement bags, concrete mixers, formwork, water and everything else have to be dragged up by the workers and their donkeys. chapeu !

Descent the same way!
The descent is often called the further following of the ridge and afterwards a direct descent to the Chã de Monte Gordo, also in information of the nature park. We went it several times and each time it was much worse, hard to find and even for the bulldozers among the mountain hikers no time saving. Obeying reason one better returns to Caldeirinha on the same way.

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