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Weg 101
Calejão - Cabeçalinho
Walking Time 1 h
Trail 1
Navigation 1
A typical Cape Verdean mule track
with steep serpentines glued to the rock in the same traditional style as on Madeira Island, where the strongest architectural traditions of the Barlavento come from. Cape Verde bellflowers contra bruxas (campanula jakobea) show their deep gentian blue.
contra bruxa
Starting point
is the curve of the main road through Cabeçalin between Alto António Miguel and Morro Cone Rocha. CABE10] (600m) 100m uphill ↗ over the paved road leading to the pass [CABE11].
At the first houses of Palso, [PALSO] you follow the mountain flu downhill ↗ to the road. [PALS2] (210m)
The old mule track leads through irrigated land before entering a rocky valley. At the top we are surprised by a panoramic view over the entire eastern peninsula. In the west you stand in front of the huge cone of Monte Gordo.
Starting point is the group of houses around the Mercearia Lima at the main road through Calejão. CALE10] (310m) Between the houses, the path starts as a narrow passage ↙ and turns uphill at the end of the plots ← into a slope with irrigated agriculture and detached farms.
After crossing the pass [CABE01] (650m) we reach the main road through Cabeçalin' at the water house Chafariz. [CABECA] (600 m)

Starting point in opposite direction
is a turn-off from the road in Cabeçalinho [CABE20] (585m) at the Chafariz water distribution point. A modern concrete building floating in the height cannot be overlooked.
The clearly visible path branches off slightly uphill at → .

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