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Ferries in Cape Verde

Ship connections between the Cape Verde Islands

Timetable - Departure

From - To Ship Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa Su
S.Vicente-S.Antão Chiquinho 08:00 08:00 08:00 08:00 08:00 08:00 08:00
  Chiquinho 15:30 15:30 15:30 15:30 15:30 15:30 15:30
S.Antão-S.Vicente Chiquinho 10:00 10:00 10:00 10:00 10:00 10:00 10:00
  Chiquinho 17:30 17:30 17:30 17:30 17:30 17:30 17:30
S.Vicente-S.Nicolau Interilhas 14:00 14:00
S.Nicolau-Sal Interilhas 23:59 23:59
Sal-S.Nicolau Interilhas 12:00   12:00
S.Nicolau-S.Vicente Interilhas 02:00 02:00
From - To Ship Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa Su
Brava-Fogo Sotavento 12:00       12:00    
Fogo-Brava Sotavento 17:30       17:30    
From - To Ship Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa Su

The most important new regulations for passenger transport between the islands:

  • Passengers are expected 2 hours before departure !
  • Obligatory use of a face-mask
  • Measurement of body temperature
  • Keep sociale distance (2m, in some areas 1,50m)
  • the existence of a health control plan on all vessels and in the ferry stations
  • Availability of an isolation room for COVID-19 suspect cases
  • Use of personal protective equipment by crew members
  • The crew of the ships must keep the minimum social distance of 1.50m
  • Proibition of consumption and sale of alcoholic beverages on board
  • Prohibition of sale at the bar
  • Implementation of cleaning and decontamination measures in all areas accessible for passengers.
Source: Bulletim Official Resolution Nr. 70/2020, 8. May 2020


Ferries do not operate on January 1st.

Only on the routes listed, ferries stick to a schedule with punctuality

Note concerning routes not listed here: Where there is little demand, ships do not follow a fixed schedule but the logics of cargo. Presumable departure is communicated by radio and even then may delay for some more days.

There are no ferries from Cape Verde to Europe, nor to the Canaries or to the African continent.
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Ferry Inter-Ilhas

Inter Ilhas - Polaris CIA

RoRo Fähre for combined car and passenger service, built 1970 in Emden / Germany, highly resistant,, comfortable, clean and well maintained. After many years in the Netherlands and Iceland, since mid-May 2015 on routes:
São Vicente - São Nicolau - Sal - São Nicolau - São Vicente
Very punctual, boarding latest 20 min before official departure time.

SV Ferry Harbour, (Ticketboots of Ra de Paúl)
Sk Gare Marítima
SN / Praia Tedja / next to Bank BCA

Cape Verde Fastferry

Kriola and Liberdadi - CV-Fastferry

Catamaran fast ferries for 164 passengers, up to 26 cars, on routes:

  • ??
  • ??
Aluminum construction type DAMEN Fast Ferry 4512, built 2010/13 in Singapore in the yard of the Dutch shipbuilding group DAMEN. Closed, air-conditioned passenger compartment. Maximum height of cars / pickups 2.25m. The sister ship Liberdadi is out of service.


Cancelling and delays are frequent.

ARMAS Naviera - for the time being without an operational boat in Cape Verde

The RoRo Ferry "Mar de Canal", by decision of the owner on the Canary islands, was paralized as of 09 April 2019 - unlkely to get back to service any more.

Mar d' Paúl

Ribeira de Paúl

The arque-type of a vessel fully apropriate to a setting like Cape Verde in its time.

  • Compact with a hull shape designed for rough seas
  • super-sturdy thanks to ice class
  • free of high-tech gimmicks and therefore easy to maintain and repair in Cape Verde
In the 1950s Norwegians built simple, sturdy passenger ferries. After a decate the already appeared too small because of mass motorization. She was built in 1959 in Sandnessjøen on the northern Norwegian island Alsten. In 1975 it was offered by the state of Norway to Cabo Verde, still wrestling for its independence. She secured the connection between Santo Antao and Sao Vicente for decades, always on time at low price, with almost no repair breaks. Now she has taken over new tasts without fixed schedule. See Fotos taken in1994.
Mange takk for hjelpen!

MS Sotavento - Cabo Verde

MS Sotavento - Polaris CIA

Sturdy, highly seaworthy multi-purpose cargo-passenger ferry bult in Emden / Germany In in the 1980s for Cape Verde, within the framework of development cooperation of the Federal Republic of Germany.
refurbished in 2010 . Serves the routes:

  • Praia-Fogo-Praia
  • Praia-Maio-Praia
with unstable schedule..


Praia Plateau - Tel: 261 52 23
Fogo São Filipe next to TACV Tel: 2811012

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