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Weg 101a
Cabeçalinho- Portela - Fontainhas - Tarrafal de Sao Nicolau
Cabcalinho Sao Nicolau local culture
Duration 3.30 h
Trail 1
Navigation 1
The rewarding, easy route hike
leads from the height in Cabeçalinho over impressive old mule roads into the, in former centuries important, today mostly dry, agricultural area of Portela, from there to Fontainhas and over the dust road (suitable as a hiking trail) to Tarrafal at the coast. The 750 metres of descent are nowhere really steep. The view goes far into the distance and small side trips help to get a good overview.
Feeder Hikes:
101 from Calejão,
102 from Calejão / Portela,
103 from Vila

Starting point
is a junction from the road in Cabeçalinho [CABE20] (585m). It is located about 350 m south of the crossroads at the water distributon point, where a modern concrete building suspended in height cannot be overlooked.
The clear trail to Cachacinho branches off at the beginning of a quarry stone retaining wall ↘ from and climbs up to the single farm Cachacinho, which can be touched or bypassed by a steep shortcut, and then → near the ridge of the southern peninsulas ↓ to reach the Selada Portela [PORT12] (698m) with views of the basin of Portela. Straight as a die the mule track goes down to the square [PORTELA] (591m) where it meets Trail 101.
to the Selada at the Tope Vermelin' [PORT04] (634m) and to Tope de Mesa (755) are very rewarding, as you overview the long eastern peninsula. You can find the description under route 101. Baobab tree in Sao Nicolau Cape Verde

on an always well-passed path, you follow ↘ the shoulder of the slope, now with a wide view of Monte Gordo and down to Tarrafal. Some picturesque monkey bread trees, despite their sturdy stature bent by the trade wind, mark the beginning of the village of Fontainhas.

At the year-round running well [FONTAINHA] (529m) there is some shade, during a rest you can refill the water supply. The wide village road ↘ ↙ leads to the beginning of the dust road [FONTA12] (540m).

Whether the five kilometres on the Straubstraße ↙ go downhill with difficulty or flow like nothing is a question of temperature.

Finally, the road leads through the homonymous Fontainhas district of Tarrafal ↖ to the stadium and into the city.

Starting point in opposite direction
the Shell filling station [TFSHELL] (29m) at the football stadium. An unpaved road ↓ leads to the ridge of the Fontainhas area and continues along the dustroad ↘, crosses the Rª Cacimba and climbs on its left shoulder → for one kilometre.

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