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Tourist Information - Lucete Fortes

Fogo - Cape Verde

An active volcano,
great hiking ranges
and fascinating cultur


Cape Verde Map small Ilha do Sal Maio Santo Antão São Vicente São Nicolau Boa Vista Santiago Brava Fogo Ilha do Sal Maio Santo Antão São Vicente São Nicolau Boa Vista Santiago Brava Fogo
Porto Ferreira - Boa Vista - Kap Verde - kapverdische Inseln

The active volcano and second highest mountain in the Atlantic atracts hikers to the island.

Until now, they arrived the first day, climbed the volcano the second, strolled through the nice little roads and squares of the historical city center of São Filipe one night ... and ran away the next morning. This is a pity and it is a shame, because the island has much more to offer than a programme for just three days.

There are several vast hiking ranges to discover with dozens of interesting trails.
We identified the best of them, measured them by GPS and prepared them for our map and a future hiking guide.

The hiking map 1: 50 000 will appear in 2007, similar to the existing high-standard hiking maps of the other islands.

Accommodation is found at Informação Turística - Lucete Fortes. Booking is made easy by our translation-communication service.

Ferries from and to Fogo, until now, are not of sufficient standards and punctuality for tourist traffic.
Therefore most travellers arrive and continue by plane.

A virtual hike to the summit of Pico do Fogo (2829 m above sea level) is what you should undertake next.

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Santo Antão 1: 40 000São Vicente 1:35 000São Nicolau 1:50 000Boa Vista - Sal - Maio  1:50 000Santiago 1:50 000Fogo-Brava 1:50 000Cabo Verde 1:150 000

Maps of the Cape Verde Islands
by Dr. Pitt Reitmaier / Lucete Fortes / Attila Bertalan
AB Editors Karlsruhe

Legend in English, Portuguese, German, French or Italian

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The Cape Verde Guidebook going In-Depth
Reisehandbuch Cabo Verde
German Language only!

Pitt Reitmaier, Lucete Fortes
Reise-Know-How Verlag
ISBN 978-3-8317-2613-4
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