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São Vicente - Cape Verde

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is the second town in Cape Verde.

Over 90% of inhabitants of the island live in the city with its beautiful - british colonial-style - city centre.

Planned urbanziation in close to rectangular squares between large avenues with narrow streets has created the center.

Suburbs on the slopes, have grown spontanously in former decades, creting a patchwork of unnamed streets and squares without house-numbers.
To allow for orientation, this map is very detailled and every group of houses can be recognized by its shape and size.

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Informação Turística Lucete Fortes
Av. Marginal  Mindelo - São Vicente 
00238 2324470

Informação Turística Lucete Fortes
Gare Marítima  Porto Novo - Santo Antão
00238 2222517

Informação Turística Lucete Fortes

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Santo Antão 1: 40 000São Vicente 1:35 000São Nicolau 1:50 000Boa Vista - Sal - Maio  1:50 000Santiago 1:50 000Fogo-Brava 1:50 000Cabo Verde 1:150 000

Maps of the Cape Verde Islands
by Dr. Pitt Reitmaier / Lucete Fortes / Attila Bertalan
AB Editors Karlsruhe

Legend in English, Portuguese, German, French or Italian

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The Cape Verde Guidebook going In-Depth
Reisehandbuch Cabo Verde
German Language only!

Pitt Reitmaier, Lucete Fortes
Reise-Know-How Verlag
ISBN 978-3-8317-2613-4
23.90 EUR  
update  07.08.2020