Pico de Vento

Weg 205               

Santa Luzia da Terra - Calhau



Santa Luzia da Terra is one of the very few mountain oases in a narrow gorge of the otherwise deserted landscape of the southern part of the island. 

To accomplish the more interesting track 204,   we describe this more direct way back to civilization.





The Legend tells you what the arrows mean and how the terms "right" and "left" are used.

Duration 1 h
Track 2
Orientation 1

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Santa Luzia da Terra

Starting Point
is Santa Luzia da Terra. After the descent to the ground of the valley  a sandy way leeds to the encounter of the two described tracks. [LUZI06] We take the horizontal one leading into the plains. The pass where the road for the gravel trucks disapears is visible from far and we follow that direction streight until we reach it. [LUZI02] The easiest from here is to follow the dustroad down to the valley of Calhau [LUZI01].
Blick zurck auf Vulcao Viana In the opposite direction:

Starting Point
is the Football Field of Calhau. You get there from Mindelo by Taxi in 20 min time. A few meters eastward, a dustroad for trucks leaves the main road. [LUZI01]. After a short but harsh ascent, a pass is reached. [LUZI03] Then the road winds down. Where it becomes less inclined, a pedestrian track leaves and leeds in streight line to the encounter with path 204. [LUZI06]