Sehr praktischer Kompa am Uhrarmband
A compass is obligatory!
Direction is always expressed in the text as cardinal point symbolized by arrows.
North-West     North-East

for hiking guide text

"Left" and "Right" are used as geographical terms and applied only to valleys. The logic follows the natural stream of water and is not related to the standpoint of an eventual observer. Right is on the right hand side of a valley when following the direction of the water stream."Turning right" or "turning left" in our text is substituted by cardinal point.

GPS Waypoints in the maps are put in brackets: [VERD01]

Duration means the time we spend walking, without time to rest.
The  Quality of tracks is expressed in a first mark for the average state and a second one for the most difficult part. 1  excellent        2  good
3  satisfactory    4  difficult
5  very difficult