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Baia das Gatas - Praia de Norte - Praia Grande - Calhau

 Dolce Far Niente an der Praia Grande de Calhau

Duration 2 h
Track 3
Orientation 1

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Walking all along the white beaches of Norte de Baía allows you to learn to know three of the most beautiful beaches of São Vicente in one day. If you start early in the morning, time is sufficient to make good use of all of them. One should expect an easy track as there are neither ascents nor descents, but walking on sand and gravel is not so much easier. 
Plastic sandals are certainly not the appropriate equipment.

The view, the roar and the smell of the busy gravel beaches and the view over the open sea to Sao Nicolau is delightful, even if in the last few years a tremendous amount of plastic litter came to this shore. Here we find all those use and senseless plastic bottles for drinking water, that even hikers believe in.

It is strongly recommended NOT TO SWIM in the sea at the beaches of Norte de Baía between Baía das Gatas and the bay of Praia Grande because of strong currents!

Starting Point
is the Restaurant of Baía das Gatas. The big paved road leaves the settled area and shortly after the gate, where there is the former fish tinning factory, we find an abondoned, formerly paved secondary road. [GATA02] After half a km ê it transforms into a small footpath. Then it disappears under the dunes for a while. It does not make a real difference wheather you prefer to walk up to the village of Norte de Baía or continue to walk through the sand. For fotographers, passing by the village is the only opportinity to gain a little overview.
Both tracks, the latest where they meet the exit of  Ribeira de Baleia [BALE05] (Connection ot Track 202) come together. From there onwards, the trail can not be missed any more as it leading over the gravel and sand of the beach until Praia Grande.

To reach the village of Calhau, just follow the dustroad î. The restaurant Hamburgo is to the East, a simple shop to the West of this road.

On working days, you should not expect to find public transport immediately in Calhau . Your chances improve if you proceed to the more densly populated areas around the chappel or, even better, West of the footbal field.