Weg 207

Ribeira de Julião - Palha Carga

Duration 2 h
Track 1
Orientation 1

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The Legend tells you what the arrows í mean and how the terms "right" and "left" are used.

The dustroad to Palha Carga is only transitable for trucks and four whell drives. Walking, it gives quite comfortable access to the beach of Palha Carga. Especially in the evening, after a nice day on the beach, it is safe enough to continue in the dusk and to meet the mainroad closer to the city. As it is not easy to find a taxi there, you quickly can get down to Ra de Juliao where the chances are better.

For sure, the alternative track 206 is the nicer one!

Starting Point
is on the main-road from Mindelo to Calhau, 4km south-west of Rª de Julião. Watch out for a dustroad for lorries [PALH01], ascending in a curve.  If you reach a soft-dring factory [ROSAL], you have missed the crossroad and must return.
So this track for the lorries fetching gravel climbs  ê the hill alongside of the valley in a steep curve. Continuing horizontally,  í it crosses a shallow Ribeira and follows it uphills ê for a long time. A short ascent brings you to the pass of Selada de Palha Carga

From there the dustroad winds down all the Rª de Meio î to the South and only in the last moment, close to the sea, it crosses to the next Ribeira  è, which is Ra de Palha Carga [PALHAC]