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The Legend tells you what the arrows í mean and how the terms "right" and "left" are used.

Pé de Verde - Monte Verde ( summit )

View from Monte Verde on Mindelo town

Duration 2 h
Track 1
Orientation 1

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Monte Verde is the most popular mountain of Mindelo for good reasons. It meets almost all requirements to be awarded most popular mountain:
  • it is the highest
  • it offers enough space at the summit
  • it opens a wonderful panorama view on everything that Mindelo people love - the City, the Harbour, Baía das Gatas, the open sea and the impressive mountain range of Santo Antão
  • it gives shelter to a population of rare endemic plants
  • it cares for the citizen, providing him with Radio, TV and cellphones
  • it has to be reached over adventourous tracks passing beneath huge rocks and over deep gorges
  • nevertheless the Mindelense can get there in a quarter of an hour in his family car

So, what is missing is just a cable car and an alpinist cabin where to sip hot rum. And it has to be described in each and every hiking guide, even in ours, although it is hard to miss the track even blindfolded in a misty night.

Let us make it short: It is a wonderful mountain! It is a must and who hasn't been on top of Monte Verde hasn't been in Mindelo! 

Preferrably you should walk up and resist the temptation to go by car because the view on the trip is nice and changing a lot, so that you would miss good part when sitting in a car.

Most of the time the plateau is dry. But it is astonishing how many peasants come up immediately when the trade winds have brought a little humidity.

Difference of altitude: 550 m

Starting Point
is the crossing at the foot of the mountain called Pé de Verde [VERD01] where there is a traffic sign to Monte Verde. You get there eventually by Taxi in 10 min time from the city.  After having climbed the first slope  î on a little basalt road, the sight over a pass [VERD02] opens to the East, over the valley of Calhau and the mountain range of Madeiral,  the Pico de Vento and, whenever there is a good view, even to the neighbouring islands of Santa Luzia and São Nicolau. But our road inclines ì to the huge rocks of the North of the range. Having reached the lower end of the plateau [VERD03] you may quit the road and use a path along í the north-western rim.
Walking around the broadcasting plant in its North, the track brings you to the summit. [VERDE]

Connected Tracks:

    To walk up from Mindelo  without ever touching the road.

   To circle around Monte Verde, ending in Baía das Gatas or Calhau.