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Ribeirinha - Pedra Rolada

View from Pedra Rolada over Mindelo

Duration 1 h
Track 3-4
Orientation 2

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Pope's Cross is the second name of a sugar-loaf shaped hill in the north of the city since there was built a procession path and a steel cross errected on top of the Pedra Rolada. The panorama over the city, the harbour and Monte Cara in the background is one of the best.

The ascent is harder than expected because the winding road spotted from a distance, when coming closer transforms into a a very small and bad footpath.

The summit is a place to reflect on the structure of settlement. The historical city centre is limited to two square kilometeres close to the Porto Grande. So all the rest are recently grown modern suburbs.
The smaller and the poorer the houses, the higher they are built on the slopes. This is not only due to the prices of plots but also to the culturally determined preference of families from rural Santo Antao and Sao Nicolau to settle high on tops and ridges of the mountains.
Difficult to detect in a single visit is the velocity of growth. Population figures in Santo Anto are stagnant since the 1970s. In Sao Nicolau they are declining since the famines of the 1940s and almost all natural population growth of those islands is exported in a process of accelerated urbanization to Mindelo. 
When looking south-westward, two yellowish square buildings can be spotted. Down in the valley the Maternal and Child Health Services PMI/PF and, higher up, close to Monte Bela Vista the church and annexes of St. Francis of Assisi. When they were built in the 1970s, there were almost no other buildings in between but a few rural houses and gardens.

Starting point
is the Market of Ribeirinha [RIBE01]. At the next  crossing at the edge of the sports field [RIBE02] turn to the ascending paved road of Vila Nova da Ribeirinha. At a bifurcation in the upper part don't try to reach the cross, visible on top of the hill, in a direct ascent. Follow the ridge where there are some newer small houses  to the south uphills. From here you see the winding path to the top. 



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  updated  26.09.2005