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The Legend tells you what the arrows í mean and how the terms "right" and "left" are used.

Mindelo - Areia Branca - Salamansa - Baía das Gatas

Blick von der Selada da Areia Branca auf Mindelo

Duration 2.5 h
Track 1-2
Orientation 2

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 Areia Branca

Softdrinks  in Salamansa

The old mule track to Salamansa and Baía das Gatas is more than a short walk. It is a hike because, right at the beginning, you have to climb a dune of white sand and a pass. Looking back on the town and Monte Cara may reward you. Hing passed the fishermen's village of Salamansa, the track follows the coastline on a dusty path.

Starting point is the Market Hall of  Ribeirinha [RIBE01]. If you arrive by bus or taxi, you may continue deeper into the quarter of Ribeirinha. The street passes through Ribeirinha ì on the right side* of the Ribeira and becomes a small dustroad where the settlements end. The telefone-line to Salamansa on wooden posts shows the further direction. Where there are the last houses, the path è crosses the dune at its base.  Then it climbs ì the left side* over stones an rocks at the rim of the dune. Anyhow, it can not be avoided to walk a few minutes on sand. 

Downwards from the pass of Branca [AREIA] the path continues to follow the telefone-posts  ì to Salamansa. In the lower parts of the village, you have to turn in é directon of the sea, best there where there is the football place [SALA01] . Along the shore,  ì the small automatic lighthouse is reached. [SALA02].

Trucks fetching basalt have marked the way to Baía das Gatas [GATAS] along the coast.

When going in opposite direction: 

Starting point is the Restaurant in Baía [GATAS]. Behind the Festival stage é the track starts and follows the bigger track ë made up by the trucks. along the North-Eastern coast .

* "right" and "left" are used in the sense of geographers, means exclusively applied to valleys, looking in the direction the water (may) take(s) on its way down. The advantage is to render description of landscape independent of the overserver's standpoint.

Please do not confuse with left and right in everyday life. A right side of a valley is to the hikers left hand side while he/she walks uphills.