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Tourist Information - Lucete Fortes

Cape Verde map small Ilha do Sal Maio Santo Antão São Vicente São Nicolau Boa Vista Santiago Brava Fogo

March 2017

Hiking and Leasure-time map of Boa Vista 1: 50000

is back!

Completely updated
on tearproof paper .

with cty-plan of Sal Rei

With dive and surfspots, beaches, all the new roads and 8 hikes.

Von Insidern sachkundig und spannend geschrieben

Aug  2015

For those reading German:

The most in-depth guidebook on Cape Verde is brandnew in the bookshops - 8th edition!!

Reisehandbuch CABO VERDE
Kapverdische Inseln

Nevertheless, changes constantly occur. We threfore put all important updates on the site Adenda.

Enjoy reading German as we enjoy reading English!

Map Fogo and Brava

Aug 2015

Hiking, biking, watersports map 1: 50 000

Fogo and Brava

already in the bookshops !

updated after the eruption 2014/15.

Sao Vicente 1:50000

May 2015

Hiking map Sao Vicente / Cape Verde 1: 35000
City Map Mindelo 1:7500

formerly published by Goldstadt-Verlag Pforzheim, is in its 1st Edition at AB Verlag Karlsruhe.
Now on tear-resistant paper.

Sao Nicolau 1:50000

Feb 2015

Hiking map Sao Nicolau / Cape Verde 1: 50000

formerly published by Goldstadt-Verlag Pforzheim, is in its 1st Edition at AB Verlag Karlsruhe.
Now on tear-resistant paper.

Moving to the  city

23 Dec 2012

Tourist-information Lucete Fortes
Informação Turística - São Vicente

the old kiosk of the municipality of Mindelo retires!
On the truck it dismantles itself into firewood, dilapidated as it is. Um ka ta podé mais!

Still Praça Aurélio Gonçalves is under reconstruction, but the kiosk from Porto Novo has made the leap over the sea.

bye bye Quiosque

Umzug Turisteninformation Lucete Fortes - Porto Novo

07 Dec 2012

Tourist information Lucete Fortes
Informação Turística - Porto Novo - is moving

into the ground floor of the brand new modern ferry port building.

Santiago 1:50000

Dec 2012

Hiking map Santiago / Cabo Verde 1: 50000

formerly published by Goldstadt-Verlag Pforzheim, is in its 1st Edition at AB Verlag Karlsruhe.
The scale has changed to 1 : 50 000 and the map occupies both sides of the tear-resistant paper.

Santo Antao 1:50000

May 2010

Hiking Map Santo Antão 1: 50000

got a new publisher: AB Verlag Karlsruhe.

updated every 1-2 years

April 2010

Water sports and hiking map 1: 50000

Boa Vista

new edition at AB Verlag Karlsruhe.

More details at Peter Lang Verlag

June 2008

A new publication in german language on:
Child Health in Developing Countries

The extensive literature review on health problems and health service problems concerning children in poverty shows an actual global picture of risks, burden of disease and efective solutions. Chapters on the history of child health help to understand the crucial relationship to "distant factors" like peace, economy and social politics.

In the chapters on management of child health related social and health services, the authors make use of their extensive personal experience in a variety of countries, including the Republic of Cape Verde.

Razum, Oliver / Breckenkamp, Jürgen / Reitmaier, Pitt (Hrsg.)
Kindergesundheit in Entwicklungsländern
Series: Challenges in Public Health Vol. 56
Peter Lang Editors
Frankfurt am Main, Berlin, Bern, Bruxelles, New York, Oxford, Wien, 2008
231 S., 16 Abb., 40 Tab.
ISBN 978-3-631-58174-2

Karte Santiago Kap Verde Kapverdische Inseln

25. October 2006

Hiking, biking, watersports map 1: 60 000

Santiago de Cabo Verde

is on the market!

Even GPS-Data are available on CD-Rom.

Fotos vom Karneval

September  2006

is online.

Thousands of top-quality picutes to watch.

Licensing vor web and print possible.

Anklicken zum Vergrössern

August  2006

Santo Antão Hiking Map new edition

The bestseller, the hiking map of Santo Antão is updated in 5th edition.

As Porto Novo town became a CIDADE recently, we thought it appropriate to include a nice little City Map.

January  2006

The accommodation list, meant to be a permanent update of our books, is modernized.

Now it is possible to use a translation-routine to contact the Hotels and Pension. This translation service makes it easier for none-portuguese speakers to contact the receptionists.

November  2005

Atila intoduces a chap from the Alps to hen das Diving on Boa Vista.
Opening up to alteratives to hiking. (realy?)


Oktober  2005

Timetables of ferries drive everybody crazy ... not for the first time.

We know it is impossible to ever have the Schedules of Ferries up to date.
Nevertheless we try ...

May  2005

Lucete Fortes open her
Travel Information Kiosk

in Alto de Peixinho, Porto Novo

Beautiful !

May  2005

postcard-sized Maps of all Islands

are in the shops and sold via Internet as well.

February  2005

Internet Hiking Guide Boa Vista

is online in three languages.

If you thought there are no hiking trails .... take the boots with you!
Extremely rewarding!

December 2004

Pedra da Nossa Senhora
with its historical inscriptions has triggered a lot of discussion in our Forum.

So we made a special site to get it to know.


ant.gif (8593 bytes)ant.gif (8593 bytes)ant.gif (8593 bytes)

November 2004

GPS Programm TRACKMAKER supports USB.
Our CD rom with GPS-Data has it incorporated.
Many Thanks to Odilon Ferreira!

July 2004

Hiking Map 1: 50000

Boa Vista

on the market!

February 2004

Carnaval de São Vicente
is super. Three colourful days.

Stadtplan Mindelo

March  2003

Cityplan of São Vicente 
is on the market!

April  2002

Lucete Fortes

cape verdean lady mountaineer, experienced in Cape Verde, Africa and Europe, has become entrepreneur.

In the little
Kiosk in Avenida Amilcar Cabral (Av. Marginal),
at São Vicente, she sells postcards, travel guies, maps, phonecards and offers travel information.



Deeember 2001

Jean-François Porret
from Grenoble is back from a challenging holiday in Santo Antão, where he conquered quite difficult trails in his off road wheelchar.
See his report.

Jean François with friends on Track 101 Cova - Paúl

Search in Bela-Vista.net and Cabo-Verde-Foto.com

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from Germany to EU countries

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Top Quality
Hiking Trails
Mountainbike Tracks
Surf- and Divespots

GPS compatible WGS 84 grid
couloured altitude layers and shading.

Santo Antão 1: 40 000São Vicente 1:35 000São Nicolau 1:50 000Boa Vista - Sal - Maio  1:50 000Santiago 1:50 000Fogo-Brava 1:50 000Cabo Verde 1:150 000

Maps of the Cape Verde Islands
by Dr. Pitt Reitmaier / Lucete Fortes / Attila Bertalan
AB Editors Karlsruhe

Legend in English, Portuguese, German, French or Italian

Klicken zur Seite : Reisehandbuch Cabo Verde

The Cape Verde Guidebook going In-Depth
Reisehandbuch Cabo Verde
German Language only!

Pitt Reitmaier, Lucete Fortes
Reise-Know-How Verlag
ISBN 978-3-8317-2613-4
23.90 EUR  
update  07.08.2020