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Accommodation in Santo Antão - Cabo Verde

Private room, Hotel, Bed and Breakfast, Residencial
Holiday house or Apartment
enquire and book yourself

Pal / Vila das Pombas

Aldeia Jerome

From Vila das Pombas you can start the long hiking tracks 101, 102, 103 and 201a without depending on a car.
The italian breakfast is served on the top floor terrace with a great view at coast and mountains.
For dinner guest prefer the italian Restaurant Ti Lello, next door.
Nice modern rooms all with private shower/ WC.
Shady sitting places under banana trees.

00238 2232016 (Reservas: 2232173)

Pal / Lombo Comprido

Aldeia Manga ECO Lodge

Holiday House in natural stone construction for 2 to 4 people. Bungalows in clay quarry stone construction for 1-2 people Wide garden compound, 150m away from the road, panoramic views. Natural pond for swimming, overshadowed seating and barbecue house, half board , competent service, luggage transport and pick up from the harbor. Very experienced with hikers. Minimum stay of 2 nights.

00238 2231880

Pal / Lombo Comprido

Casa das Ilhas

Pension for hikers and nature lovers
at hiking trail 101
10 min from the road, beautiful garden grounds, half board recommended, friendly and competent service, luggage transport and pick up from the harbor.
Rooms and bungalows with shower / WC.
Dinner inhouse.

00238 2231832

Pal / Cabo da Ribeira

Casa Sandro Lacerenza

Modern hiker accommodation on trail 101. Shaded outdoor area overlooking the valley. Good for groups and families , cheap, breakfast incl . , Dinner to order.

00238 2231941 9812478

Pal / Boca de Figueiral

Guesthouse Chez Hujo

Modern hikers accommodation located at the start of track 102, french owner managed, rooms with shower/WC. Halfboard recommendes as there are no other restaurants close by.

00238 3522000 tm 9232515

Pal / Janela / Rotunda

Guesthouse Frontera - Penede Janela

Hikers accommodation at the starting point of trails 106 and 107 with brandnew, perfectly clean rooms with shower/WC, Balkony and sea-view on Pontinha de Janela.
10 min of walk from the stone with a writingPedra da Nossa Senhora in Ribeira de Penede that gave the name to the valley.
shop inhouse for all you need for a luncheon pack.

00238 9805268

Pal / Vila das Pombas

Hotel Paul Mar

New hotel with the amenities of a European standard hotel,
right on the wild pebble beach,
comfortable rooms and suites with shower / WC , AC , TV, Wi-Fi, most with balconies and sea view.
Restaurant , roof terrace.
Breakfast in the restaurant Veleiro on the quayside .

00238 2232300

Pal / Cabo da Ribeira

Residencial Cavoquinho

Quietly located small guesthouse halfway up the descent of Cova de Pal (track101) in a garden area. The Spanish owners are experienced with hikers and good cooks.
Ideal location for several days hiking in Pal. All rooms with shower / WC , shaded rooftop terrace and cookies in the garden.
Dinner and halfboard to order.
Minimal stay: Two nights.

00238 2232065 tm 9989919

Pal / Vila das Pombas

Residencial da Querida

Near the church, traditional, typical cape verdean residencial experienced and very accommodating to hikers, full breakfast / lunch box , halfboard, typical dinner with ingredients from agriculture and dessert to order.
Rooms, some with shower / toilet on the corridor.
Terrace overlooking the St. Anthony.

00238 2231129 - 9956228

Porto Novo / Vila

Casa Azul

Well equipped private rooms at the house of a french family, 500m von Porto Novo town, directly at the white beach.

00238 2221650 tm 9173389

Porto Novo / R das Patas - Catano

Casa Dona Inacia

Simple clean accommodation for up to six hikers in the upper part of the village , on the way 309 Norte / Tope de Coroa . The rooms share a bathroom / WC. A good starting point for the western plateau and Tope de Coroa .

00238 2272023

Porto Novo / Norte - Morrin d 'Egua

Casa Luciano

Who has coombed the western plateau and the Tope de Coroa, knows the Neves family as popular resting and starting point. The accommodation is very simple , but hospitality and helpfulness are legendary. Always with halfboard! Accurate local knowledge qualifies Isabels sons and shepherds as ideal mountain guides ... and without them one should not undertake longer desert hikes!
Transfers to and from the ferry port with private minibus. Please enquire at least 10 days in advance, because there communication is slow.
Aluguer-buxhtaxi Norte-Porto Novo-Norte on MO, WE, FR only
Perfectly unsuitable for mollycoddles.

00238 9973449

Porto Novo / Alto Mira III Ch d Orgueiro

Casa Manuel

Simple Hikers accommodation with a great view over the valley. 12 rooms with common shower /WC, always with halfboard, Low budget pricing.

2273012 tm 5929490

Porto Novo / Pico da Cruz - Cova do Engenheiro

Casa Manuela Ramos

Simple accommodation for hikers at Pico da Cruz.
to discover the impressive variety of great hikes.
Dona Manuela has built a first floor on top of her shop with guest-rooms.
one shower/WC, clean, well organized.
Always with halfboard
as there is no restaurant in the village.

00238 9962050

Porto Novo / R da Cruz

Casa Vanderlei Rocha Lima

Comfortable, new family house with shady places outdoors, Rooms all with clean, modern shower/WC over the floor, one with insuite shower/WC, allways with halfboard.

00238 2274048 2274046 tm 9972602

Porto Novo / Vila

Hotel SantAnto Art Resort

The largest and most up to date Hotel on the island offers a variety of suites and Guestrooms of european standard overlooking the beautyful guest-garden and the sea.
Very good restaurant with a rich breakfast buffet.
So it became reknown as the best Hotel on Santo Anto for relaxing at the sweet water pool with massage and wellness services Sportive guests, hikers, Mountainbikers find here the required comfort.

As a starting point for the great hikes from the altiplano of Lagoa , from Pico da Cruz downhills to the valleys, Porto Novo is priviliged because of the short and quick connections. .

Whenever heavy clouds cover the North-Eastern Summits and valleys of the island, from Porto Novo hikers have easy access to the sunny western Region.

00238 2222675 /76

Porto Novo / Vila

Pousada de Juventude

For the price unusually comfortable accommodation in the quarter of Cha d' Italia in the former health center.Rooms with shower/WC.

00238 2223010

Porto Novo / R das Patas / Lagoa

Quinta Cochete

Comfortable guesthouse of a swiss couple with spacous rooms, all with balcony and private shower/Wc in rural environment next to trail 309 from Ra das Patas to Bordeira de Norte.

00238 2272202 tm 9573607

Porto Novo / Vila

Residence Yria Guesthouse

Luxurious B&B in Cha de Matinho, the quarter where the health center is located.
Rooms are generously equipped with shower / WC.
View to city and sea , Breakfast Buffet.

00238 9876604

Porto Novo / Vila

Residencial Antilhas

The modern guesthouse and restaurant is located overlooking the ferry harbour of Porto Novo, quiet at night. Travelers relax on the popular shaded terrace with snacks and coffee before departure. In the restaurant they get good intenational cuisine. Rooms are very well equipped with TV, AC, mini-bar, private shower / WC.

00238 2221193

Porto Novo / Vila

Residencial Nova Cidade

New hotel-style accommodation with a restaurant and large terrace close to the ferry terminal. Rooms with private bath, all with air condition (for the suites included in the price) , internet connection , laundry service . On weekends, traditional live music . After dropping the last ferry (17.00) there is complete rest .

00238 2221882 9766241 9787463

Porto Novo / R das Patas - Curral das Vaca

Residencial Pinto

A modern B&B in a friendly rural environment
clean rooms, all with shower/WC, spacy dining / breakfast room on the upper floor with panarama view always with halfboard Lunchpacks on demand.
5 Min. from Track 309 - Bordeira de Norte.
shop in house.

THE alternative, whenever Pal and Ra Grande are overshaded by clouds and drizzeling rain, it is likely that here it is sunny visitors find excellent hikes for many days.

00238 2272000 tm 9951804

Porto Novo / Vila

Residencial Pr do Sol

Modern residencial in town with rooftop restaurant.
Rooms with shower/ WC, AC. Competitive prices.

Porto Novo / R das Patas - Ch de Morte

Residencial Ribeira das Patas

Modern B&B with a small restaurant next to the local secondary school, Rooms partly with shower/WC, always with halfboard for budget prices

5 min from Track 309 - Bordeira de Norte.

00238 2272205 tm 9916282

R Grande / Fontanhas

Apartamentos Fontainhas

Simple rural accommodation in the village of Fontainhas
on hiking trail 212
renovated rooms with shower /WC, kitchen, fridge, WiFi
self-catering no restaurant in this village.

00238 2251011 9918044 9939423

R Grande / Figueiras - Meio de Espanha

Casa Adalberto

Friendly rural hikers-accommodation in Figueiras, always with halfboard.

00238 2263033 tm 9811864

R Grande / Ch de Pedra

Casa Chantre Oliveira

The large, stately home of a landowning family is ideal for a stopover as well as for a longer stylishly - quiet stay and various excursions.
Who wants to finally take his memoirs for Publishers - this is the right place to relax and to write !
The owner speaks pt,en,fr,nl
Always with Halfboard, as there is no restaurant in the village.

00238 2241133 tm9956209

R Grande / R Alta

Casa Dilene e Nav

Simple, friendly hikers accommodation at the village-shop of Ribeira Alta Always with halfboard

00238 2263002 tm 5951370 tm 9876540

R Grande / Ch de Igreja

Casa Dona Adilsa

At the end of the road from posto sanitario to the east. Small private house with simple rooms .

00238 9911128

R Grande / Ch de Igreja

Casa Dona Ernestina

Bed and breakfast, lunchpacks , always with halfboard.

00238 9927280

R Grande / Espongeiro

Casa Espongeiro

Imaginatively designed hikers accommodation on the main ridge between Porto Novo and Ra Grande. Ideal for an overnight stay on multi-day hikes, or for an early start for hikes on the eastern / central plateau Rooms with shower / WC , Recommended with halfboard.

00238 9811526

R Grande / Lagoa

Casa Lela Pinto

Simple, friendly family accommodation for hikers on the central planalto two double rooms and a large place for groups with up to 16 people. Located between primary school and cooperative shop at the road throug Lagoa.
Always with halfboard, lunch packs on request. The cooperative shop is open for guests at any time.

00238 2277004 9954411 trab: 2277028

R Grande / Ch de Igreja

Casa Mit e Banana

Recently built modern Bed and Breakfast in the heart of the charming traditional village Ch de Igreja, very experienced with hikers / backpackers and their own modern Aluguer transport from / to the ferries, to bring their guest to the starting points or fetch them from the endpoints of trails and for touristic excursions and island-roundtrips as well. Restaurant, lunch packages, Always with halfboard. Hikes 212, 213a, 215

00238 5964296 9940759 Aluguer 9929927

R Grande / Caibros

Casa Zeca

Simple, friendly hikers-accommodation near the end of the road through the valley of Caibros on Track 208. Shop in house. Always with halfboard.

00238 2241174 tm9923646

R Grande / Vila

Hotel 5 de Julho

The house with the longest tradition in the historical centre , simple rooms , some with shower / WC. Very popular snack bar / restaurant.

00238 2211345

R Grande / Ponta do Sol

Hotel Blue Bell

Standard Hotel at the Praa . The rooms have modern en suite bathroom , TV and refrigerator. The manager from Senegal and his team offer international cuisine after French and West African recipes.

00238 2251215

R Grande / Boca da Coruja

Hotel Pedracin Village

Bungalow Hotel offers modern rooms with full amenities (shower /WC, AC, TV, telephone , mini-bar ) , housed in 10 stone houses , high above the valley of Ribeira Grande with swimming pool , good restaurant and a stunning panorama. Transportation to and from Ribeira Grande and Porto Novo . Popular for longer stays in guided hiking tours and MTB groups , good management .

00238 2242020

R Grande / Cha de Igreja

Kasa d' Igreja

Natural stone masonry , comfortable cabins with shower /WC for up to 3 people in a rural property with shady areas under mango trees, swimming pool , breakfast pavilion , bar, restaurant . Lunch or dinner , prepared with local products from their agriculture. For the adventurers among hikers there are tents available .

00238 3626447 9789090

R Grande / Vila


The Residencial without a name. Simple, clean and very reasonably priced , ask at the Shell gas station.

00238 2211720

R Grande / Ponta do Sol

Residencial A Beira Mar

Cape Verdean family residencial right on the harbor .
The rooms can compete with standard hotels, all with private shower / WC and at least partial sea views.
Mountain guide and transport services can be arranged . As a talented cook with a long work experience in France brings Dona Ftima very tasty food on the table.

00238 2251008

R Grande / Vila

Residencial Cantinho de Amizade

Modern house in the city center , 2 minutes walk from the Aluguer - stands in all directions Sympathetic Cape Verdean family. Well equipped and well maintained rooms all with shower / WC. Breakfast a la carte . Popular traditional courtyard restaurant with very good value lunch menu (prato do dia) , snacks and drinks.

Budget -tip comfortable double room.

00238 2211392 9707511

R Grande / Ponta do Sol

Residencial Casa d Mar

Modern Hikers B&B with comprensiv services
by the french-cape verdean owners active as mountain guides
Rooms with shower /WC
Great sea-view from the breakfast-terrace
guided tours and excursions

00238 2251390 9512239

R Grande / Ponta do Sol

Residencial Ceclio


00238 2251475 tm 9923634

R Grande / Ponta do Sol

Residencial Corao da Ponta do Sol

Hotel-style, friendly, very well equipped B&B, professionally managed by a belgian couple.
reknown for excellent cuisine and service
On request transfer from the ferry-harbour Porto Novo over the the mountain-road.

00238 2251048 9249001

R Grande / Vila

Residencial Dona Biby

Large, modern rooms with shower / WC, very clean and pleasant.
In the maze of narrow streets of the old town.
The grocery store in the house opens a back door to guests, providing hiking supplies even on weekends.
Breakfast in the courtyard .

00238 2211149

R Grande / Ponta do Sol

Residencial Ponta do Sol

Modern european middle-class rooms.
Incoming, transportation and guide services. fr,de,en,pt speaking

00238 2251238 tm 9816268

R Grande / Cruzinha - Boca de Mocho

Residencial Questel BronQ

At the famous coastal-Trail 212, on a prominent peninsula, next to Boca de Mocho a hotel-like Bungalow-BandB is located with restaurant, pool and modern rooms for hikers.
10min of walk to the village of Cruzinha.
Halfboard recommended.

00238 2261010 tm 5964172

R Grande / Ponta do Sol

Residencial Sol Point Art

Modern comfortable rooms in in the first row to the coast in a quiet location <5 min from the center of town.
Incoming, transportation and guide services on request..

00238 2251080 9518927

R Grande / Cruzinha

Residencial Sonafish

Here you arrive in the afternoon in order to break up early the next morning to Mocho (route 213), Ponta do Sol (Route 212) or Figueiras (Route 215). The fishing village Cruzinha has its own unique character.. All rooms with shower / WC Restaurant

00238 2261027

R Grande / Vila

Residencial Top d' Coroa

Residencial in a quiet location with pleasant and fully equipped rooms, all with private shower / WC , TV.
For two traveling couples or families there is a cozy apartment with two bedrooms on the top floor.

00238 2212794

R Grande / R da Torre - Xxo

Residencial Xx

Modern rural Bed and Breakfast B&B at the end of the paeved road in R da Torre
in the middle of an irrigated agricultaral area, green throughout the year,
perfectly located at the start of hiking trails
202 Rabo Curto - gua das Caldeiras
203 Losn - Ch de Mato - Espongeiro
203 b Vinha - Faj de Baixo - - Ch de Mato - Espongeiro
Rooms all with private shower/WC
lunch and dinner on request..
food-store on the compound.

00238 9944267 / 9944267

Porto Novo / Monte Trigo

Escola de Monte Trigo

Accommodation in or near the school of Monte Trigo , if necessary Matratzenlager = mattress room ,
shower / WC on the compound.
Always with halfboard.

00238 2278544 9809924

Porto Novo / Tarrafal de Monte Trigo

Guesthouse Vista Tarrafal

Modern cape-verdian guesthouse in the village Tarrafal de Monte Trigo next to the beach, with sweet-water pool, ocean view Restaurant and transport service (Taxi and ALUGUER-bush taxi).

00238 2276111 2276019 tm 5869623

Porto Novo / Tarrafal de Monte Trigo

Pensao Mar Tranquilidade

Susi and Frank, an American / German couple finished their sailing trip in Tarrafal de Monte Trigo and built traditional dcor, thatched stone houses under the shade trees on the beach, all with private bathrooms.
Spacious rooms in a guesthouse, all with separate entry, are available too.
There are cozy shady areas outdoors,
Breakfast buffet, soups for lunch and dinner prepared from fresh fish and the products of local agriculture (on request) after a sundowner overlooking the Atlantic Ocean are part of the so pleasantly informal atmosphere that the entire system features. Rich area for swimming, snorkeling, diving, fishing, boating - and to watch for days! For hikers who have fought their way through the volcanic desert of the western plateau, here is the place where to recover!
A professional Dive-Center works in the premisses and offers training at all levels.

A warning for the Europe Pampered:

Whoever needs his daily red top tabloid, Italian Ice, German rent-a-scooter and Senegalese souvenir petty traders for enjoyable holidays, is completely wrong in Tarrafal de Monte Trigo.
There is nothing but the fascinating nature and a traditional village with nice people.
The most cost-effective transport are off-road pickups, seating passengers and goods to shake for two hours over the dustroads. To travel more comfortably, guests can rent a pickup or order an all-terrain air-conditioned taxi from Porto Novo.

00238 2276012

Porto Novo / Monte Trigo

Residencial Beira Mar

Simple hikers accommodation on the beach at the soccer field in Monte Trigo, friendly rooms, partly with own shower / WC, always with halfboard, shop in house - lunch-packages on request.

Porto Novo / Tarrafal de Monte Trigo

Residencial Marina Tarrafal

Simple but cosy accommodation at the beach
in the house of a spanish-cape verdean couple.
Shady sitting places on the garden compound, good breakfast and dinner on apointment or halfboard.

00238 9754062 5941296 2276078

Porto Novo / Tarrafal de Monte Trigo

Residencial Vista Tarrafal

Modern B&B in the village next to the beach
Rooms all with private shower /WC
one Appartment with two bedrooms, living room and kitchen
one Suite for 2-3 guests with two shower/WC
Restaurant with seaview
Transfer from / to Porto Novio by bush taxi or individual taxi
boat excursions and hikes..

00238 2276111 2276019 tm 5869623

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