Descent from the clouds to the sea

Pico da Cruz - Pero Dias - Rª de Penede - Janela



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Pico da Cruz

The track leads you through the variety of landscapes between one of the highest tops to the shore. It is especially rich in ever changing views on green and on deserted valleys and far over the sea. 
You start in the middle of the forest of Pico da Cruz (1448 m) and if you don't miss the little excursion to the top (track 104) you can enjoy a superb panorama all over the Barlavento .

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Descent in the forest

While on high altitude, the track cuts through one of the most dens forests of the island. The lower you get, the lesser you find Eukalyptus, Cypress and other pine-trees. Only  Grevillea robusta survives at the edge of the desert.

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Estância de Pedra

From  Estância de Pedra, a former rural extension unit for cattle breeding until the 1960s, you look down on the hopelessly dry abandoned village of Aguada de Janela.
In summer, it happens that hot and dry air curls upward from between the black rocks, giving you the impression it coul burn your skin.

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At the rim of 
Rª de Penede

Later, for quite a time, the path is build on the ridge between Ribeira da Aguada and Ribeira de Janela and follows it on dizzeling hight, some 1000 m above the ground of the valleys. In some parts, it reminds the Great Chinese Wall.

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Selada Silvão

The descent from Selada Silvão on a good mule-track is just a pleasure! Little thatch-roofed houses and the dark-blue Atlantik greet from far below like in a diorama.

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Pedra da Nossa Senhora

Pedra da Nossa Senhora
is the name of a carved rock in the lower part of the valley. Legends about its origin an meaning are plentyful. We have given them a special page on our web.


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Pontinha de Janela

From the ground of the valley of Rª de Penede we continue until we reach the shore at Pontinha de Janela whit its wild and rocky coastline.
Walking up to the village rewards you with a nice view on the Lighthouse Tower Farol Pereira de Melo (track 107)