Dive and Kite Surf Center
Boa Vista


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Rose is from Italy, Atila from Brazil.
They met first at the Red Sea while diving, their very passion.
1997 they opened a diving center at the beach of Boa Vista - the only one for the time being, but a special one with excellent service. Group size is restricted to five.
Atila shows the Atlantic to a mountaineer - from the bottomside!

Some doubts took hold of my soul when descending from the hight of Cape Verdean mountains to the  depth of the Atlantic.

50 meters from the Dive Center, the boots have changed for fins and there is no way back.

Gent' n' é pex
People aren't fish

... will I become a fish or its food?

Mar ka tem figueira
there are no fig-trees in the sea

Not spitting the hands but the mask will help. And listen precisely to what Atila has to tell about the secrets of valves and weight belts and makes you try - while still feeling the ground safely beneath your feet.

... no fotographs ...
... no words ...

Tud' Azul
(everything light blue), feeling OK and happy

Thanks to Atila's pacient instructions, everything went perfect at first try.

At the shore of Ilhéu de Sal Rei we find a lot of fish. The bigger ones are well known friends from the fish-market. But the small ones, floating silently with the current by the hundred in perfect co-ordination is a new impression.

Uli'm li
Look at me!


Happily back from a glimpse at the world of Rose und Atila!
Sabe! Wonderful!

to  Atila and Rose


Atila Amaro
Sal Rei, Boa Vista, Cabo Verde

PADI and NAUI instructors for all degrees, wrack-diving, hollow-diving
Languages: English, French, Italian, Portuguese.


Rückseite reich bebildert

The detailed and up to date map of Boa Vista:

Lucete Fortes - Pitt Reitmaier
Tourist and Hiking Map of Boa Vista - Sal - Maio
1:50 000
with beaches, hiking and biking tracks and dive spots
City-plan of Vila Sal Rei

Goldstadt Editors, Pforzheim 2004

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updated:  16.11.2008                       Thanks to Rose und Atila!