Creole Language 
of the Cape Verde Islands

Grammar and Dictionary 

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Alphabetization school in Rª da Cruz / Santo Antão


Most Grammar Books and Dictionaries of Creole of Cape Verde appeared in very small editions and are out of order.

We show here the scans of some of them as second-hand booksellers find it easier to trace a book. 

If you own more titles, please send us a scan of the title.

Dr. Pitt Reitmaier 

 Veiga Dicionário 2012
The latest and most complete dicionary was elaborated by the former minister of cultura, the linguist Manuel Veiga in perfect application of the official alphabet ALUPEC in the two most important dialects: Santiago e São Vicente.

Veiga, Manuel
Dicionário Caboverdiano - Português
2ª Edição 2012
Instituto0 da Bibliotece Nacional e do Livro
Cidade da Praia 2012
ISBN: none

there is a Creole of Santiago dictionary in the internet - online


Dicionário do Crioulo da Ilha de Santiago (Cabo Verde)
Wörterbuch des Kreols von Santiago (Kapverde)

in portugiesischer Sprache mit deutschen und portugiesischen Übersetzungsäquivalenten
Erscheinungsangabe: 2002
ISBN: 3-8233-5877-4

Grammar and Dicionary of Creole of  Guinea Bissau was presented by the italian priest Luigi Scantamburlo, who has published some anthropological titles about the Bijagós. Unfortunately we do not have the title page. 
Diccionário do Guineense
Vol. I - Introdução e Notas Gramaticais
1999; 226 pp.; 23x16 – PVP: 2 520$00 (12,57 EU)
ISBN - 972-772-070-6

Dicionário Caboverdiano-Português
Lisboa 1998 Livro:      ISBN 972-97807-0-6
                  CD-Rom: ISBN 972-97806-0-9
MENDES, M. et al.
Dicionário Prático Português-Caboverdiano (Variante de Santiago)
Lisboa: 2002. ISBN 972-97807-1-4

US Peace Corps
Herminia Curado Ferreira
Adelaide Monteiro Lima
Manual di Kriolu - Kauberdi
internal publication of the US Peace Corps introducing to Creole of Santiago Island. 10 chapters for situational Learning. 134 pages, 1998.
Circulates in Europa in Photocopies.
Google may help you via this LINK

In Boston they use a book to teach conversation - Creole which you can order:
Sampadjudo beware! It is Badiu pure!

Sampadjudu - Badio


Baptista Marlyse Sysntax of CVC
Marlyse Baptista
The Syntax of Cape Verdean Creole
The Sotavento varieties

ISBN 9789027227751 
John Benamins Pb Co 2003 - 289 pages

A Harvard-PHD Thesis presenting insights for a creolist and theoretical linguist audience.