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Casa Manuela Pico da Cruz Santo Antao

Pico da Cruz is the highest elevation on the eastern planalto and astonishingly green. Trade winds bring in clouds and precipitation from time to time, nurishing one of the largest forest areas of the country. Normally, temperatures are 20°C lower than in Porto Novo. Here one can find trails for cool hikes in the shadow of trees even in summer. Nowhere else on the island, there is a greater variety of landscapes and trails to be found. To stay for several days is recommended.

Now there is accommodation availabe at Pico da Cruz since Manuela built a first floor on top of her shop with bedrooms for up to 7 guests, a living room and a simple but clean Shower/WC.
As there is no restaurant at the place, booking is always with halfboard. Twice a day, a pickup ALUGIER comes up from Porto Novo. So guest do not need taxi services to get to and fro.

Casa de Banho

Some of the many hikes at Pico da Cruz:

The coble-stone access road from Cova de Paul to Pico da Cruz is better done walking. Rarely ever are car is met and the great pleasure is to look from several "Gods Windows" deep into the green Paul Valley.

view from road 104a over Paul

The highest peek is called Gudo de Banderola. It takes only 20min to climb the paved trail.
The Panorama View is great ... over the dense forests of Pero Dias down to Porto Novo and Sao Vicente and, if the visability is perfect, even to Sao Nicolau, Santiago and Fogo.

Gudo de Banderola - Pico da Cruz

This trail knows two varieties leading from Eito / Paul via Ribeiraozinho and Santa Isabel to Pico da Cruz.
Coffee plantations, Dragontrees, increasingly great views from the "knife's edge" fio de faca reward the hikers. Better to climb than downhill.

Santa Isabel

A short detour from Seladinha de Fina to Gudo de Caxa
to enjoy the great view on Paul Valley and entire Santa Isabel. This trail together with other ones can be easily combined to a variety of round-tours circling Pico da Cruz in 2 to 8 hours of walk. Just study the hiking map and you will find many challenging opportunities!

Gudo de Caxa

Also two varieties to descent from Cova do Engeheiro to Janela.
105 shows you the scenic Lomb d Carosc, while 105a starts from Pero Dias, crossing the wild forest in the gorge of Ra de Croque.

view on Ra de Janela and Ra de Penede

This one shows two varieties to get from von Cova do Engenheiro via Pero Dias and Selada de Silvao to Pontinha de Janelöa.
It is the longest of the descents from Pico da Cruz to the sea, along the micro-climate frontier between windward and leeward landscape. Whie the South side is barren, desert-like landscape, to the North, green forests and fields prevail.

on Lombo de Losma

Hikers love this track from the road (Track 104) downhills to the upper part of the Paul Valley, more precisely Cha de Padre, because it lets them close the well-known track 101 from Cova de Paúl to Cha de Manuel Santos (track 101) into a round trip with accommodation in Pico da Cruz or in Cha de Manuel Santos.


The descent from Seladinha Vermelha via Mesa to the city of Porto Novo is rarely used any more. In the middle part it is covered with grovel and stones- but still viable.
In colonial times, Mesa was a reknown rural extension unit and nursery. Suddenly, in the late 1980s, the formerly strong water source dried up, changing the flowering garden into another piece of desert.

Mesa in the 1990s

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